Resin bonded gravel - high grip surface


Resin bonded gravel has the attractive look of loose gravel, without the associated dust, untidiness and gravel loss over time. The gravel is locked in place with an incredibly strong polymer resin.


Higly slip resistant, even when wet.

The finished resin bonded gravel surface has excellent traction even when wet, making it ideal in applications where slip resistance is a high priority, such as ramps, inclined driveways and areas which require disabled or wheelchair access.  



Resin bonded gravel is installed by applying the resin directly to the surface, gravel is then scattered on top covering the resin. Excess is swept off after the surface has cured.


Resin bonded gravel - At a glance


• For pedestrian & any vehicle use


• Perfect for driveways, patios, paths, disabled ramps, anti slip areas


• Highly textured finished surface


• Excellent slip resistance even when wet


• Can be installed on existing surfaces


• Available in a wide range of colours


• Surface is usable again in 2-4 hours


• Installed in a later 3-5mm thick


• Guaranteed for 10 years


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Resin bonded gravel used on a driveway with a steep incline. The bonded gravel gives the surface excellent traction. The surrounding planting and lawn area helps create a beautiful front garden and first impression.


Colour options


Resin bonded gravel - Chinese bauxiteResin bonded gravel - Multi FlintResin bonded gravel - Rounded SepiaResin bonded gravel - Guyanan BauxiteResin bonded gravel - Red Flint


We have included the most common colour options for both resin bonded and resin bound gravel systems. If none of these colours suit your needs, others are available, please contact us to discuss any other colour requirements.